Euphoric Nation & David Thulin – Sparks Fly feat. Marisha Mae
Euphoric Nation, David Thulin — Sparks Fly feat. Marisha Mae
Release date : Feb. 16, 2018
Label : Ohm Music


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Last June Euphoric Nation and David Thulin would dig deep into their creative prowess to develop “Destiny”, an emotionally charged expression of sound that with raw and undeniable momentum would leave fans begging for another go-round. Well, it’s time to shake off the winter blues because the boys are back for an uplifting frolick among the airwaves bringing along Marisha Mae as the vocal cherry on top and igniting a fire on the dance floor with “Sparks Fly”, available exclusively on Beatport February 16, 2018, and across all platforms on February 23, 2018, on OHM Music.

With the gas peddle planted firmly on the floor, Euphoric Nation and David Thulin welcome you to take a journey of protective love as through emotionally charged lyrics, pop goddess and vocalist Marisha Mae takes on the role of the ride or die, promising to be the strength we need when the intensity and trials of life become too much to bear. So, grab your family, friends, and loved ones and get ready to shake off the stress as the bassline drops you into a pocket of energized consistency and the melody flows like a warm breeze among the clouds.

Trance Paradise’ own Euphoric Nation and pop EDM visionary David Thulin are fast becoming the poster boys for dance floor delicacies that speak to the emotions and complications that we as the human race face each and every day. As the masterminds behind “You’re Not Alone”, a piece that highlights the need for comradery in our darkest hour as well as “Destiny”, a peak hour stunner that nods to self-exploration and personal discovery, we are met with a beautiful soundscape for emotional release and recovery. With “Sparks Fly” geared up and ready to go, we look to Euphoric Nation and David Thulin to continue dishing out those inspiring vibes as we move into a glorious 2018 season of sound!

Continuing in their quest and proactively searching and taking on artists that refuse to be boxed up in generic soundscapes, the soundtrack for OHM Music’s future promises to be unlike anything you have seen or heard before. So don’t rest on your laurels because what OHM Music has in store for us this year will continue to tear down boundaries, opening the world up to an eclectic array of invigorating beats, dreamed up and brought to fruition by the game changers and tastemakers of our ever-evolving dance music industry. Stay locked in with OHM Music as the next chapter unfolds!